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Efficient Dry Ice Blasting in the Vancouver BC - CAN

Dry Ice Blasting Vancouver

Call now for information on how to obtain a no obligation quote for dry ice blasting services in Vancouver, BC. Our goal is to put you in line with only the best CO2 cleaning contractors that are known to produce high quality and efficient work.

What is It?

Dry ice cleaning is similar to sandblasting or even soda blasting but is much faster and more environmentally friendly to work with. Unlike sandblasting dry air leaves you with almost no cleanup which cuts your work time down by large amount.

This cleaning method is mostly used for applications such as auto repair, Auto cleaning, aircraft cleaning, mold remediation, fire restoration and much much more. It’s also excellent at cleaning up substances such as tar, oils, paint etc.

For more information on dry ice cleaning and how you can obtain a no obligation quote, feel free to contact us below or give us a call.

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